Conditions Helped by Chiropractic

Chiropractors treat a wide variety of conditions. Treating low back or neck pain are the conditions most often associated with Chiropractors. I like to categorize the conditions that respond very well to chiropractic and the second would be those conditions that might be helped by chiropractic.

The "might be helped" category are conditions where I have personally seen sustained, although subjective, improvement due to manipulation. The only explanation I can tender for the improvements seen in these cases is that the theory of information flow interruption to and from the nervous system may apply to these individuals. Manipulation does not work in all of these cases. If fact, it is very hit or miss. Obviously, other factors are involved but it would not be inappropriate to try a short course of manipulation in these cases.

The conditions listed below seem to respond well to chiropractic treatments (Note: The Bolded conditions seem to respond very well):

Carpal Tunnel Disc Herniations Extremity numbness
Fibromyalgia Frozen shoulder Headaches
Hip pain Knee pain Leg pain
Low back pain Mid-back pain Neck pain
Plantar Fascitis Rib pain Rotator Cuff pain
Sciatic pain Scoliosis Shoulder pain
Sternal pain Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow Whiplash pain

The conditions listed below are those that may be helped but not cured by chiropractic:

ADHD/ADD Asthma Chronic cough
Chronic sinusitis Constipation  Infantile colic