What is a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic is still a very misunderstood profession. A good part of this misunderstanding stems from the mystical thought that chiropractors believe all health conditions can be cured simply through the manipulation of the spine. The popular media tends to focus on the weird aspects of alternative health and make them look as if they were mainstream. There are, however, chiropractors who do embrace the above concept.

Pain is one of the great communicators that God has given us to alert our bodies that something is not as it should be. The basis of Chiropractic is that when the body loses normal function, health suffers; this normal function is important in all joints, but even more important in the spine.

The reason for this is obviously that the spine is the foundation for all movement in the body and is the housing for your spinal cord. Nerves coming from your spine feed all of your bodily tissues including muscle, skin, and your vital organs. Nerves coming to the spine feed your brain with the information needed to make you tick.

The logic of Chiropractic is simple. If there is a loss of proper movement in a segment of the spine, there will be a change in the way that muscles and other tissues around that area function. This includes a change in the flow of information provided to the brain and to other tissues by the nerves coming from that area. The result of this loss of function is the communication to the patient that something is wrong, usually through pain.

Taking a drug can be helpful in relieving some of the symptoms associated with this loss of function, but it does nothing to address the potential biomechanical malfunction. Chiropractic takes the approach of addressing the potential cause in concert with reducing the intensity of the communicating symptom. Returning the body to normal function makes sense at the most basic level. Once normal function is re-established, the body heals.