Benzinger On Health Products

Many of the products were specially designed by Dr. Benzinger for your health.

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Each product has a short video highlighting the following:

  • safety and purity
  • use and purpose
  • drug, herb and vitamin interactions
  • how much is just right for you
  • synergistic nutrients
  • key conditions the nutrient supports/balances

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Lung Health

Premium Potent C-500

It protects against infection, enhances immunity. It also ...

Base price: $25.00

Premium Anti-Oxidant/Anti-Aging Support

25 Premium Anti-Oxidant/Anti-Aging Support is a superb ...

Base price: $25.00

Premium Total Immune Support

Designed to support the immune system. The immune system is ...

Base price: $29.00

Premium Immune Support Advanced

Designed to help avoid the onset as well as support the ...

Base price: $29.00

Premium Buffered C & Immune Support

Premium Buffered C and Immune Support features a convenient ...

Base price: $47.00