Working More Than 40 Hours a Week=You Are Wasting Your Time

I was able to go to a wonderful workshop with the Truth at Work group. We were trying to determine the approximate amount of time a person should work per week and still keep the family life in balance. Based on the Bible as our reference we were able to estimate a 40-46 hour work week.

Now scientific review of this issue has come up with 40 as the average amount of time per week a person should work and still stay sane. Basically, you become more and more unproductive the more hours you work. Thus a waste of time, but what compels us to over work. Answer this and life will change for you.

Obviously your home life and health decline and become out of balance too and that is where I come in. When you are out of balance for a long enough period of time, your health goes downhill and you have to come see me. I will just tell you to stop working so much, exercise and eat right and take care of your family relationship better. So, instead of coming to me just stop overworking and get your life straight.

God Bless,
Dr. Benzinger