Tis the Season for Your Antibiotic

Antibiotics have long been at the top of the list of medical reactions and side affects to the average human. Americans still take them like they are candy and end results are becoming more and more frightening. We take them for infections, acne, dental work, invasive procedures and we add them to most of our meat products to keep the animals well too. We give more than any other country in the world, no matter how many warnings from the World Health Organization. They say we are putting the rest of the world at risk. We are producing more and more SUPER BUGS cannot be killed and this is costing many lives. The problem is most severe in the hospital where the weak patient cannot fight of these amazing bugs.

We kill off the good bacteria in our gut that so often makes us more susceptible to more and more infections. It also affects how we digest our nutrients and has even been directly tied to weight gain when used frequently.

Antibiotics save lives! The overuse of antibiotics takes lives! Use them when there is no other way to help combat your infection, but avoid them at all costs when they are not absolutely necessary.
If you were or are a frequent user, make sure you are taking probiotics and eating active yogurts too. Prevention is still the best treatment, but when you have to use an antibiotic you must protect yourself against the side-effects too.

God Bless,
Dr. Benzinger