Why You Cannot Get Enough Vitamin D, If You are on Statin

You go into your doctor for the results of your blood tests, and you find out your cholesterol is so high that you must be put on a cholesterol lowering drug (statin). Being a good patient, you fill the prescription and start taking your medication. Six months later the doctor checks your liver enzymes to see if your liver is being damaged by the statin medication and also checks your vitamin D levels. To his dismay, you now have a vitamin D deficiency and need to be put on vitamin D supplementation. 

You may wonder how this happened? Well, your vitamin D is carried by cholesterol thru the blood stream. So as your cholesterol goes down, so does your vitamin D levels. Now we do have a problem don’t we? If we lower the cholesterol, then our vitamin D levels will stay low too and make us more susceptible to bone, auto-immune and neurological conditions. I have had many conversations with great doctors that just did not know that cholesterol is the carrier of vitamin D.

Consider an optimal health dosage of 1,000 mg of vitamin D daily when taking a statin drug.

Be informed, find out what else can be done and be wise!

God Bless,

Dr. B


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