Chew Well or Die Young

Sounds a bit drastic doesn’t it, but most Americans chew their food less than 10 times. Why is that a problem?

Animals have the ability to break down the cell wall of fruits and vegetables, but humans do not have the enzymes to breakdown the cell walls and get to the good nutrition inside. Thus, we must chew or crush our food to get the nutrient value out of fruits and vegetables. We already have a big problem with our children eating fruits and vegetables. Considering more than 80% eat one or less per day if you take out potatoes. That is frightening and now I think they should actually chew it too. How impossible is that?

Remember fruits and vegetables carry those ingredients like vitamins, minerals and most of the anti-oxidant, anti-aging support elements. The more fruits and vegetables a person eats, the less cancer and heart disease period. When you and your child eat and chew them the less likely they are to get cancer. On the other side, if you and they will not eat them, then you are greatly increasing your risk of cancer by default. Let’s put our best foot forward and make this work!

God Bless,

Dr. B