Benzinger On Health Blog: Cancer: What makes you susceptible?

It has been estimated that 70% of all cancers outside of smoking comes from a bad diet. The typical western diet, red meat, bad fats, food additives and excessive carbohydrates, has consistently pushed cancer growth in every society it has been introduced to.

The following elevates your cancer risk in a big way:

  • High red meat intake=200% increased risk
  • High caloric intake=190% increased risk
  • High dessert intake=189% increased risk

If you eat any one of these or God forbid all of them, then you may want to start changing so you can slow down cancer cell growth in your system.

When I speak with people who have had cancer, they never, never, never stopped worrying about cancer coming back again. Why not put all the worry and effort into prevention and basic life changes. Do you know how many parents tell me the child just doesn’t like that type of food? I say, “So I am hearing you say they like playing with their life and increasing their cancer risk, is that right”? Of course they say no, but I beg to differ. If your child was cutting themselves or throwing themselves into walls, you would go nuts, but you will not fight to prevent the most devastating disease we face today.

It is time to be real and step up without excuses.

God Bless,
Dr. B


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