Best Cancer Treatment: PREVENT IT

We are told to get to the doctor annually for our check-ups, and this will help you catch cancer early and could save your life. I do agree regular check-ups do help catch disease early, but doctors, en masse, have stopped holding our patients to healthy standards. You get your temperature, blood pressure, weight, height and the doctor will listen to your lungs and heart while asking how you have felt. Sometimes you get a general blood screen and that is about it. This type of check up is very important.

What if the doctor said to bring in your diet sheet, exercise sheet and measured your stress level? Wow, would that make most of us nervous? It would also clearly define the most important factors you must measure and control if you want to slow down or even prevent cancer. Those that eat the most fruits and vegetables have the least cancer, period. Literature is filled with research to support this fact. So, let’s stop ignoring the things we don’t want to do and get busy!