When to Fire Your Doctor

This is such a difficult question but a question that must be asked. Most of us just keep dealing with less than optimal care from our doctors. Many of us have remarkable physicians that care and really try to put your condition first. (I am not mentioning any names but you probably know one good Doctor, if you are receiving this e-mail! Ha!).

But for those of you that has been on the fence and wants to know how to access the situation more clearly, just look at the following questions and if many of your answers are not positive it is time to make a move. Remember, your physician is there to help you get healthy and stay healthy. If that is not the feeling you get, then get moving.

  1. Are you able to communicate well with your Doctor; are they listening?
  2. Does your Doctor respect your time? You have hired them, you know!
  3. Do you feel you are hearing all the truth about your condition or do you have to pull information out?
  4. Is the office staff respectful to you and your time?
  5. Do you feel comfortable or do you have some questions about the Doctor’s competence?
  6. Does your Doctor work with all other doctors’ well? Alternative and conventional?
  7. Is your Doctor rude or not reachable when you need them?

Don't wait until there is a major need to switch, put time and effort into putting your health care team together. I highly recommend you have a conventional and alternative doctor on your team!

God Bless,

Dr. Benzinger