Top 10 Cancer Causers to Remove from Your Home

The following list items are non-negotiable items. Get rid of them and don't use them at all. There are plenty of alternatives and if you can’t find any just pick up a book by Debra Lynn Dadd called Home, Safe Home.

  1. Air fresheners: More like straying poison into your lungs. Often contain naphthalene and formaldehyde and these are bad news.
  2. Art supplies: Epoxy and rubber cement glues, acrylic paint and solvents and permanent makers often contain carcinogens so be careful and ask for the non-toxic type.
  3. Automotive supplies: Most are toxic. Keep them away from the house.
  4. Candles: Avoid artificially scented paraffin cancels that produce soot. Only use beeswax with cotton wicks.
  5. Carpet and upholstery shampoos: Use only we-clean, natural ingredients.
  6. Dry-cleaning: Choose clothes that don’t need perchlorethylene to clean them. Ask for wet-dry option at your local cleaners or seek dry-cleaners that use liquid CO2 or citrus juice cleaners.
  7. Flea, tick and lice control: Avoid lindane-based pesticides.

There are many other options, but our Chemicals That Kill is below to clear up much of your questions.

God Bless,
Dr. Benzinger