Benzinger On Health

Dr. Shawn R. Benzinger | Indy Health and Welness and Benzinger On Health Founder and Director

Shawn R. Benzinger is the founder and Director of the Indy Health & Welness. Dr. Benzinger has been practicing in Indianapolis since 1983 and has specialized in Orthopedics with a focus in chronic pain. He was the head of the advanced orthopedics program in Indiana for 5 years, and has also specialized in the relationships between nutrition and disease.

In addition, he was a national spokesperson for a well known national nutrition group as well as several practice education groups.

Dr. Benzinger has personally assisted over 80 offices throughout the nation to administer quality care to their patients.

After 13 years of private practice, Dr. Benzinger opened a one of a kind multifaceted health center in Indianapolis, Indy Health & Welness. Dr. Benzinger has been educating the Indianapolis community for over 13 years.

A noted medical spokesman, Dr. Benzinger hosts a daily health program, “Benzinger on Health.” His syndicated program has been on the air for over 13 years in Indianapolis.

New Location

Dr. Shawn Benzinger and his staff would like to announce that Indy Health & Wellness has moved!

Our new location is:

11495 N. Pennsylvania Street - Ste 100
Carmel, IN 46032